1980 Cessna TR182
Turbo. Retract. Factory O2.
Fly high. Fly fast. Fly confident.

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My Thoughts on Flying...
and Ownership

Hello, fellow aviator. My name is Troy. Here's my philosophy about flying, safety, and ownership maintenance practices.

If you're like me, you love to fly. You take a certain pride in items you own, and you care for them accordingly. You want to be 100% confident when flying with your family and friends, and you are willing to spend the time and money that is needed to ensure that your flying machine is always in perfect working order, and that your proficiency (not currency) is nothing less than top-notch.

Charitable Flying

I fly with my wife and family. As the NE Texas Wing Leader for Angel Flight South Central, I fly people on charitable missions. All of these people look to me as pilot-in-command to provide them with safe and reliable transportation. And I aim to do just that.

156 - 174 knots TAS, depending on altitude.

So, climb in. Sit down. Buckle up. You're gonna get there fast.

Thoughtful Partners...

I'm seeking two partners / co-owners who share the same philosophy I have.

This low-time (less than 3000 hours TTAF, 900 SFOH) aircraft is valued at $135,000. Each co-owner's buy-in for a 1/3 share is $45,000 cash (no partner liens against aircraft). Fixed costs are $190/month/partner (includes full insurance coverage for all pilots, hangar rent and IFR GPS data subscription). Hourly usage is $45-50 per tach hour, dry. The aircraft is hangared at T67 Hicks, in North Fort Worth.

Only the best need apply...

I have stringent requirements for co-owners. Partners must have solid finances, no criminal / FAA accident / violation history, agree to a background check, and be acceptable to any existing partners. To keep insurance costs reasonable, and the aircraft flown professionally and safely, partners must have an Instrument rating, be current and proficient, with over 500+ hours TT, and be willing to attend transition training for the TR182 or document sufficient existing time in type. I'm looking for partners that will fly 100-250 hours per year. Flying for charitable purposes (Angel Flight, Pilots 'n Paws, Challenge Air) is encouraged.

If it sounds like you might be the perfect match as a partner, please continue reading.

Well equipped "Birdie"...


  • 1980 Cessna TR182, 2966 hours TTAF (as of 12-26-2015)
  • No corrosion - high desert history
  • 3100# gross, 1966 empty, 1134 useful
  • 92 gallons (88 usable); 65 gallons to the tabs (partial fuel)
  • Factory 4-place oxygen (48 cubic feet tank)
  • Fire extinguisher mounted to pilot's seat
  • 4-place light tan leather interior (2003 refurbish)
  • Gear system meticulously maintained: 2004 and 2010 overhauls, magnafluxed components
  • Complete logs - no accident history

See a full set of pictures and comments on Flickr.

Well equipped "Birdie"...


  • Lycoming O-540-L3C5D, 235hp, carbureted, turbocharged
  • 2000 hour TBO, 900 hours on a Sep-2001 Lycoming factory overhaul
  • Regular oil changes (every 25 hours) with oil analysis program in place through Blackstone Labs
  • 3-blade McCauley controllable-pitch propeller, 250 hours SPOH
  • 60A alternator, 24V electrical system, battery in the tail (great for CG, stays cooler/lasts longer)
  • New engine mounts and fuel hoses - installed 2015
  • Complete logs

See a full set of pictures and comments on Flickr.

Well equipped "Birdie"...


  • JPI-830 Engine Monitoring System w/ fuel flow option (installed in the pilot's primary scan)
  • NAV1/COM1: Garmin GNS430W WAAS GPS (databases kept current, on subscription)
  • NAV2/COM2: King KX165
  • King KCS55A Slaved HSI system
  • King KN64 DME (selectable to NAV1, NAV2, or independent tuning)

See a full set of pictures and comments on Flickr.

Well equipped "Birdie"...


  • Garmin GMA340 audio panel
  • Cessna 300A Navomatic autopilot (fully functional)
  • King KT76C transponder
  • BFG WX900 Stormscope spherics detection device
  • New attitude indicator July 2015 with flag for no-vac
  • Planned upgrades: ADSB-IN/OUT, PS Engineering BT audio panel, Garmin FlightStream, GTN navigator

See a full set of pictures and comments on Flickr.

Well equipped "Birdie"...


  • BAS Inertial reel 4-point harness for front seat occupants - installed 2015
  • BE SEEN! Powerful Teledyne Alphabeam LED landing and taxi lights with multiple wig-wag and flashing modes - installed 2015
  • Rosen visors with fully-articulating 3-axis mounts - installed 2015
  • Scheme Designers paint scheme approved (see Flickr)

See a full set of pictures and comments on Flickr.

Pilots Operating Handbook for the 1980 Cessna TR182 (Turbo Retract Skyland). Fully indexed and searchable PDF.

Service Manual for 1978-1986 R182 and TR182 models. Fully indexed and searchable PDF.

Illustrated Parts Catalog for 1978-1986 R182 and TR182 models. Fully indexed and searchable PDF.

Lycoming O540 Engine Operator's Manual, Aug 2006 Revision. Fully indexed and searchable PDF.

FAA Type Certificate Data Sheet 3A13 for R182/TR182 models (3A13). Fully indexed and searchable PDF.


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